Drug And Alcohol

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Telephone – (570) 253-6022

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The Wayne County Drug & Alcohol Commission is a public non-profit agency. The Commission is fully licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Bureau of Drug & Alcohol Programs. The Commission receives funding from various sources including the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Medical Assistance, and Wayne County.

The Commission’s philosophical approach to chemical dependency is based on the disease concept of chemical dependency. This position promotes the recognition that chemical dependency is a disease characterized by the compulsive use of mood-altering drugs, which results in the interference with some aspect of the individual’s life. In light of this, the Commission is committed to providing prevention, early intervention, and comprehensive drug-free treatment services to the Wayne County area. These services shall be made available to every resident of Wayne County regardless of race, creed, color, age, sex or ability to pay.

The Commission closely guards the confidentiality of its clients.