Contact Information

Wayne County Correctional Facility
44 Mid-Wayne Drive
Honesdale, PA 18431
Phone: 570-253-5970 ext 4251 or (570) 253-2621
Fax: (570) 253-3928

Kevin M. Bishop, Warden
John Masco, Deputy Warden
Mark Steelman, Sheriff


The Wayne County Correctional Facility is located on Mid-Wayne Drive, which is off of Route 6, in Texas Twp, PA. The facility houses both male and female offenders in various housing units.


Visitation Regulations, Hours, and Forms

The Wayne County Correctional Facility encourages visiting by family, friends, and community groups.  All visitors must complete and return the visitation form. Immediate family is permitted to visit the inmate for the first thirty (30) days of incarceration while the information form is processed.  Immediate family consists of the following: mother, father, step parent, foster parent, siblings, legal spouse, and children.  All others are only permitted to visit after the information form is processed and approved.  The approval process takes approximately one week.  All visitation of immediate family will be terminated after thirty (30) days if the application to visit is not approved.  Children under the age of eighteen (18) years of age may not visit unless accompanied by a responsible adult.  All visitors are required to have valid photo identification issued by a government agency prior to admission to the prison.  No pets/animals will be authorized into or on the grounds of the facility or kept in unattended vehicles on the facility grounds.  Persons requiring a service animal may request special visiting accommodations; documentation of a need for such assistance may be required to substantiate this request.  All visitors must be approved for visiting by Wayne County Correctional Facility prior to the visit, the prison has the right to deny visitation for any just reason.  It is the responsibility of the offender to notify their visitors of the date and time of the visit.
All visitors will be admitted through the administrative offices. Those persons wishing to visit inmates must complete and return the Visitor Information Form located here. To view or download the visitation schedule, click here. Visitors who are late for scheduled visitation times will be denied  entrance into the facility.

Inmate’s Commissary and Phone Service

The Wayne County Correctional Facility provides a limited commissary, allowing items to be purchased by the offender for their personal use.  Funds must be deposited with the Facility under the offender’s name to access the service.  Family and friends may deposit money by mailing a money order made payable to the offender to the Facility.  There is a kiosk located in the Facility Lobby that accepts Credit/Debit Card or cash that is available between the hours of 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM.  You may also contact Access Corrections to make a deposit by calling (866) 345-1884 or by visiting Offenders may order phone time on the housing unit phones at any time with funds placed on their commissary account.

Family and friends may also choose to create a phone account.  You may contact Lattice Incorporated at (888) 843-1972 or Lattice accepts money orders mailed to

Lattice Incorporated

PO Box 536

Collingswood NJ 08108

Please include the inmate’s name, facility, and contact number


Incoming calls to the facility are not accepted at any time.  Facility staff will not relay messages to the offenders.

Personal Clothing and Property

At no time, without the permission of the Wayne County Correctional Facility, can an inmate’s clothing or personal property be delivered to the prison for court appearances. All other clothing items will be provided by Wayne County Correctional Facility.

Books, Magazines, and Newspapers

Wayne County Correctional Facility will only accept books, magazines or newspapers shipped directly from the publisher or a publisher’s warehouse. No provocative reading material or hard cover books are permitted in the facility. Offenders are permitted to have six (6) book/magazines in their cell at any given time.  All other reading material will be kept with their personal property.


All mail is screened entering and leaving the facility. Inmates are not permitted to have any writing supplies, such as stamps, paper, envelopes, mailed to them at the facility. Items needed for writing are available for purchase from commissary. Inmates are only permitted fifty (50) pictures in their cell at any time. Laminated materials are not permitted in the facility, and should not be sent to an inmate in the mail.


Any person wishing to become an approved volunteer at the Wayne County Correctional Facility should contact the Director of Inmate Services at (570) 253-5970 Ext. 1540.

The Wayne County Correctional Facility has zero tolerance for institutional sexual abuse. We have developed policy and procedure in accordance with the Federal Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Standards. The Wayne County Correctional Facility’s Zero Tolerance for Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment can be found here: Zero Tolerance Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse Policy

Employees and inmates’ families may submit reports online here: or,

PREA Coordinator

44 Mid-Wayne Drive

Honesdale PA 18431


Please note, this resource is for inmates housed at the Wayne County Correctional Facility.

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