Behavioral and Developmental Programs and Early Intervention

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Wayne County Park Street Complex
648 Park St.
Honesdale, PA. 18431
Phone: (570) 253-9200 or 1-866-558-0735
Fax: (570) 647-0268

Margaret Ennis, Administrator

Cindy Matthews, Intellectual Disabilities & Early Intervention Program Director

Michelle Valinski, Behavioral Health Program Director

Early Intervention Website

Children in Pennsylvania with developmental delays and disabilities benefit from a state supported collaboration among parents, service practitioners and others who work with young children needing special services. The Pennsylvania Early Intervention program provides support and services to families with children, from birth to age five, with developmental delays and disabilities. Early Intervention builds upon the natural learning opportunities that occur within the daily routines of a child and their family.

Wayne County 911 Special Project

Intellectual Disabilities

Wayne County serves children, adults, and families with intellectual disabilities, ensures quality services, and promotes choice, partnership and community understanding. It also ensures quality and sufficient support for the individuals that we serve in order to enable them to be successful in the life that they choose. We also assist them in fully participating in the community and in receiving the dignity and respect that they deserve. For more information visit the PA Office of Developmental Programs.

Behavioral Health

Wayne County’s Office of Behavioral health is committed to providing our consumers with the highest quality behavioral health care services, which are easily accessible, respectful of the individual and family, welcoming and focusing services delivery on the unique needs of each individual.


COMPASS is a Web site that allows individuals and community based organizations access to screen for, apply for and renew a broad range of social programs.

COMPASS serves as a single access point for application of:

  • Health Care Coverage
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-SNAP (Food Stamps)
  • Cash Assistance
  • Long Term Living Services
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program-LIHEAP (Seasonal availability)
  • Free or Reduced Price School Meals
  • Child Care Works

COMPASS also provides an access point to submit a referral for the following Home and Community Based Services:

  • Early Intervention Services
  • Intellectual Disability Services
  • Adult Autism Services

PA Launches Tax-Free Savings Plan for Those w/Disabilities

HARRISBURG – The Achieving a Better Life Experience, or ABLE program, is a landmark tax-free state savings account to help alleviate some of the financial challenges faced by families raising or caring for those with disabilities.

The ABLE program rewards initiative and family responsibility, and it opens the door for individuals to take steps to increase their ability to function and contribute. Families can set aside funds for a better safety net, without having to choose between services and savings

Administered by the state treasury, ABLE accounts:

  • Provide people with disabilities with a way to be more financially independent.
  • Save on taxes; accounts grow tax-free and, when used for qualified disability expenses, are tax exempt.
  • Protect eligibility for means-tested federal benefits and state disability, medical assistance, health, and student aid benefits.
  • May be used to pay for a wide range of disability expenses including basic living, housing, education, health, legal, transportation, and more.
  • Allow others to give funds to the eligible individual without the gift impacting benefits.

To learn more or to enroll, go to: